The learning objective of the course “Scientific innovation and legal challenges of food regulation” is to develop knowledge related to the challenges posed to law (national, supranational and comparative) by the advancement of agrifood technological innovation. In particular, by the development of OGM techniques, cellular agriculture and by the production of Novel Food.
The course follows an innovative approach, since it aims at offering legal and scientific knowledge, involving professors and experts from different disciplines. This thus allows the students to have a comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of the subject matter.

The teaching aims to provide students with:
– knowledge on: relations between science and law; right to food; precautionary principle, food safety and food security; innovation in the agri-food sector; principles of European Food Law; Novel Food; GMOs and NGTs; cellular agriculture; food sustainability; nutritional and functional profiles of innovative foods.
– ability to understand the challenges posed to law by scientific-technological development in agribusiness;
– appropriate use of legal and scientific terminology.

Students interested in attending the course are invited to follow the course page in MyAriel.