The course

FeedInn aims at prompting the creation of specific knowledge in the field of innovation in the agri-food section through an innovative teaching Course for students with legal and/or scientific background titled “Scientific innovation and legal challenges of food regulation”.

Future food operators and practitioners, graduated in legal or scientific studies, are required to possess multidisciplinary competences, more than necessary to face issues that are increasingly characterized by translational notions and aspects, pertaining to different fields of knowledge. For this reason, the Course will represent a novelty in the educational offer of the University of Milan and will employ a multidisciplinary approach, tackling both legal and scientific opportunities and challenges related to the project’s topic.


The learning objective of the course “Scientific innovation and legal challenges of food regulation” is to develop knowledge related to the challenges posed to law (national, supranational and comparative) by...

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In this page you will find information about the course program and where the lectures are held.

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