G. RAGONE, Giudicare l’incertezza: il caso della Corte di Giustizia dell’Unione Europea, in Biolaw Journal, n. 2/2024, pp. 41-57 (ISSN 2284-4503) Abstract: The contribution aims to analyze the jurisprudence of the CJUE in the scientific-technical field. The thesis put forward is that the CJEU usually does not seek ele-ments or data on its own to assess the merits of the scientific opinion challenged. And yet, it is also shown how in the case-law of Luxembourg there is nevertheless a “scientific” protagonism when it is necessary to offer interpretation to dubious concepts: such is the case with the judgements on the New Genomic Techniques (NGTs).

D. LANZONI, R. REBUCCI, G. FORMICI, F. CHELI, G. RAGONE, A. BALDI, L. VIOLINI, T.S. SUNDARAM, C. GIROMINI, Cultured meat in the European Union: Legislative context and food safety issues, in Current Research in Food Science, n. 8/2024, pp. 1-16 (ISSN 2665-9271) Abstract: The position paper addresses some of the main legal and scientific issues related to cultured meat: an innovative method of food production that could reduce the impact on the environment, biodiversity and climate change.